Web Development Built on a Centralized Analytic Strategy

  • Posted on: 10 February 2017
  • By: Batt Industries

Web Development Analytic Strategy

As web developers, certified analytic professionals and advisers to startups; we passionately advocate web development that incorporates a centralized web analytic platform.

Why is an analytic strategy so important?

So you have access to measurable quantitative and qualitative data on how your customers engage with your business! Our recent article on digital marketing objectives, touched on the Continual Improvement Process.

Modern web design uses Key Actions or CTA (Call To Actions) on page to move the site visitor towards the goal conversion of the business objective. (Sale, Info, Registration, Engagement are a few examples)

As marketers or web designers, being able to present reports to Decision Maker's (you or your client), not only adds value to the marketing functions but is a predicable tool for investors to see the ROI and Continual Improvement Process in action.

Data Visualization is a beautiful thing

Today, there are Data Visualization tools that turn data (boring to most), into exciting "live action" reporting presentations. Google Data Studio for example, lets you build dynamic visual data reports that can tie in multiple data point sources. Website Analytic, Ad Sense, internal data sources, 3rd party data sources for example, can all be imported into one visually dynamic report. Not to mention, styling the reports to match your brands look and feel. (Thanks Google for all you do for us!)

Collaborating with sales and marketing teams, brand advocates and executives in the company has never been easier. Now you can present important data derived from a centralized analytic platform and rally everyone involved around the hard facts of where your marketing efforts are performing well and what areas need improvement.

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