American Dreams - Where do you stand?

  • Posted on: 24 January 2017
  • By: Batt Industries

Niagra Falls by Travis Batt, Batt Industries

The effects of changing technologies will create many opportunities. Undiscovered ideas and talent will be revealed. A new generation of small businesses will create a revival of our economy. The complex new layer of connectivity of people, products, services, information will continue to increase. Transitioning from a corporate environment to a remote position or home based business will take a mind shift.

Gear up for change

Digital disruption is when a digital solution can replace an entire physical workforce. Corporations will do more with less. The same fact goes for a single person. The web tools, apps and programs currently available to business owners and small business are affordable and effective.

The digital disruption has already happened. Worlds largest taxi company owns no taxis (Ubber). Largest accommodation provider owns no real estate (Airbnb). Most popular media owner creates no content (Facebook). Fastest growing banks have no actual money. Largest software vendors don't write the apps (Apple & Google).

Startups - Plant seeds and nurture

Seed money is critical to success. This step can be achieved in several creative ways. Typically, family, friends and advocates loyal to your cause are the first to offer help, but often are limited is resources.

SEAP Self Employment Assistance Program
Check with State and local government commerce departments for a schedule of available programs.

Non equity grant programs for startups
University's are a tremendous resource for information and capital for those interested in starting a local business.

Sell additional stuff
Things laying around your house, attic and garage that not being used, could be very useful or valuable to someone else. Take advantage of a cleaning routine and cash in.

Cut down on luxuries
If you are addicted to the costly Starbucks drinks and are working with limited resources while starting a new business, get counseling or therapy and break the habit.

Crowd funding
This is a new popular platform. There are Pros and Cons. Take the time to research, follow example directions and see if it is a fit for you. This business forum advises that launching a startup prematurely can be a counter productive.

Peer to Peer funding
Discover local like minded people who would benefit from helping you with your cause.

Barter services
Save the cash you have in a business account, and barter services for what you need instead!

Pay to work policy
Consider creating a program that allows for management gains in your company to those who invest time and money to work with you.

Batt Industries - Internet Marketing Consultation

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