SEO Checklist

  • Posted on: 3 August 2017
  • By: Batt Industries

AZ Online Marketing SEO Checklist

10 Essentials to drive success with SEO

  1. Relevant Content
  2. Formatting Including Heading Tags
  3. Meta Tags
  4. Optimized Images with Alt Tags
  5. Secure Site using SSL
  6. Mobile First Design
  7. Website Verification
  8. Preferred Domain Convention
  9. Target Country Location
  10. Robots Directives and Sitemaps

Pitfalls of Website Builders

Low cost website builders may be okay for getting started online, But, typically they limit the ability to use custom SEO elements that are useful.


Most websites are driven by databases and utilize software. Ensure you are up to date with system updates. (Backup database and content prior to updates)

Security Solutions

We currently offer Sitelock in our Web Tools Catalog. Site seal protection and system scans reduce negative events on your website.

Follow standards and best practices is the shortest path to SEO success

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