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  • Posted on: 24 January 2018
  • By: Batt Industries

Monthly SEO Services, Arizona

Visualize this..

You have built a brick and mortar store (website). But, one issue, there are no roads, sidewalks or connections of any kind to your location. Quick tip, do not rush to buy expensive yellow page ads, waving wacky car salesman inflatables. Instead, we suggest incorporating at least the top ten SEO principles needed to have a website that hits the ground running.

Top 10 SEO Fundamentals

  1. "Your" goal or objective is clear
  2. Assure usability & web accessibility, info architecture are strongly aligned with goal
  3. Provides a solution or result
  4. Data driven
  5. Plays well with robots and humans
  6. Utilizes the continual improvement process
  7. Uses best practices to follow search engine guidelines
  8. Is written with user in mind and not spam
  9. Is high quality content
  10. Process strategy that you can repeat with new content

Connect the dots

There are tons of ways to create a connection with your website and the Internet in general. All the search engines, community websites, social media sites, ect. Backlinks, reciprocal links and inbound links all do the job! On a more technical level, you can manage robots via a text file and have them do a lot of the "dot connecting" for you.

Flip the sign to "open" NOW?

Almost you're almost ready to open shop. Don't forget that great websites today have the "website visitor" in mind, and not the shop owners pocket books. Ensure that your goal is clear and has an end result. Use web forms, downloads, videos, ect to trigger your goal completions. Auto response emails are helpful in some cases. (Use captcha for web forms to block unqualified submissions)

marks the spot on the map

Okay, we mean xml sitemaps are the key. Update your sitemap and continue to submit to engines to best amplify your SEO efforts!

We offer Monthly SEO Services to clients. If you need help, we are happy to assist!